Is this intention, lovely press?

Is this intention, lovely press?
Paywall pay by click

Why you create annoying paywalls, you don't have to pay for?

It's a matter of 2 clicks plus writing once none...

Hiding a paywall

And once block...

Reading article behind paywall

Because this has been so obvious, you can't believe by mistake.

Up to now this has been funny, but there is more.

Gimme pics

In the article the images are sized small, if you watch them in 100% the width is +-1000px.
So it is no problem that they post pictures of private buildings. Looking in the windows you can't identify much.

But, BUT, you can ask the server for bigger images.
It is Base64 encoded in the request, how big the images should be provided.

Base64 is an encoding scheme with 64 printable/viewable characters/signs. It is like calculating in decimal system with numbers 0 to 9 or binary system with only 0 and 1.

So instead of


which is


you simply request


for 4096 pixel width


and so it becomes possible to identify the people in cars and houses.

Gimme bigger pics

Oh, yeah, it works. You don't get much bigger images, but the server tries to resize them, until there is {"message": "Internal server error"} or some gateway timeout.
It is not open end, with too heavy oversize the Internal server error is responded immediatly. Some check must be implemented. Maybe unsigned 16-bit.
Most propably the used cloud provider prevents the site beeing DOSed as you run into some cloud per client connection limits when trying to do more parallel requests for too big images.
And of course the CMS uses some kind of static cache.