My Advent of Code in Rust

My Advent of Code in Rust

This December I code the really funny Advent of Code (AoC) puzzles using the Rust compiler language.

The half is over

It is Mon, December 13th and the first half of puzzle pairs is over.

Today I had to provide some coding solution to fold Origami to a paper, seeing some code for activating the thermal camera of my little submarine. ;-)
I've just pushed the solutions to my GitHub tree.

Day 13: Transparent Origami is the headline of the image showing the first part of the daily Advent of Code puzzle
Beginning of the Advent of Code puzzle of Dec 13th

Do you know Sturdy from

The creators of Sturdy are supporters of the Advent of Code with advertising on the site.
Sturdy is a coding collaboration platform. A little bit similar to code repositories like GitHub or Gitlab and families but with additional social features. I think it could be useful and very helpful for pair coding and small teams, especially during remote coding.
Sturdy plays in team (parallel usage) with git if you don't want to convert completely.
You can comment and discuss the development of your code right in the place where the coding happens. No issues, no mails,... just in one place and every member is seeing what you are currently working and can give hints or sharing ideas.

Sturdy is not yet finished and some work on tooling has still to be done. But it is working if you want to give it a try, I can invite you for an account.

My GitHub repo is also mirrored there Sturdy/adventofcode-CjNeEpl.

Where is the submarine going?

I'm quite excited what is happening in AoC in the next days until Christmas Dec 25th... what I'll have to do in my little submarine.

Perhaps AoC 2022 will have some solution for the many different timezones around the world! In AoC you could collect scoring points and join a highscore table if you have the solution of the puzzle pairs in maybe 5-10 minutes or faster after the puzzle of the day got published.
At the moment I'd need to wake up way too early every morning/night to have a chance on getting points.
So I have to content myself with the gold stars of puzzle solutions.

The most important...

Here is the solution of the puzzle of day 13...