Inspace ARISS SSTV Diploma

Inspace ARISS SSTV Diploma

With my SSTV radio activity (see here) I've received an Inspace ARISS SSTV Diploma by the Indonesian Space Explorer Club for my receive of the SSTV shot 7/12 on January 28th 2021 by International Space Station station RS0ISS.

Many thanks for the organisation and the provided diploma.

The image on shot 7/12 of the Inter-MAI-75 program in January 2021 shows the Crew in Soyuz T-7 in the year 1982.

Commander Leonid Popov
Third and last spaceflight

Flight Engineer Aleksandr Serebrov
First spaceflight (Orange)

Research Cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya
First spaceflight (Top-Down)

Also on board of Soyuz T-7 has been:

Anatoli Berezovoy
Only spaceflight

Valentin Lebedev
Second and last spaceflight

Inter-MAI-75 is the program for Education and Promotion of Space Research.

The diploma shows a graphic of the International Space Station with the retired Space Shuttle. And the 12 SSTV shots of the 20th Anniversary SSTV activity of ARISS in December 2020.