XFCE Tumbler patch

XFCE Tumbler patch

I'm using XFCE Desktop as my working/development environment. It is fast and has all features I need. Allmost...

There is a thumbnail service called Tumbler which creates these neat thumbnail icons for image and pdf files and some more files with viewable content.

To create these thumbnails Tumbler needs to read the files. And here is the problem...

My antivirus engine detects this file read, blocks it and scans the file first. At first this is a slow down. Detecting viruses is hard CPU work.
And this thumbnail generation is done on visiting a directory with a file-browser. Mostly I won't open any of the files myself.
So it is fully useless to scan the files in this situation.

I've patched my Tumbler to have the configuration possibility to exclude some directories from thumbnail creation.

The patch can be found on bugzilla.xfce.org#16130.

Hopefully it will get merged, so that I don't need to build Tumbler by myself for always in the future.