Installing C++ Development Tools

Installing C++ Development Tools
Photo by Mike van den Bos / Unsplash

Continuing on my C++ journey from some days ago...

I am currently using OpenSUSE Linux Leap 15.5.
After some consideration I decided to go for GCC version 14 from the devel:/gcc-repo:
zypper ar -p 101 ""

  • gcc14-c++
  • gdb

And devel:/tools:/compiler:
zypper ar -p 101 ""

  • clang18
  • libclang-cpp18
  • lld18
  • lldb18
  • llvm-gold
  • llvm18-gold

For further supporting development tools I activate the devel:/tools-Repo with:
zypper ar -p 101 ""

This repo contains very up-to-date versions of the tools

  • cppcheck: A tool for static C/C++ code analysis
  • doxygen: Automated C, C++, and Java Documentation Generator
  • flawfinder: C/C++ source code security flaw examination tool
  • valgrind: Memory Management Debugger

Next, the current build tool cmake-full can be found in the devel:/tools:/building-Repo
zypper ar -p 101 ""

  • cmake-full

Due to the lower priority of the added repos, the newer packages must be installed with the version number for the first time, e.g: zypper in doxygen=1.11.0-222.d_t.3

Listing all available versions is possible with zypper se -s --type package -x "cppcheck".

Continue to develop your 1st C++ program with my next blog post Visual Studio Code.